Monday, February 15, 2016

The Day the World Said NO to war

On this date in 2003, there were massive world-wide demonstrations against the Bush/Cheney plan to invade Iraq and start up a war of aggression and occupation on the country of Iraq. Well, maybe not "start up" because we had been bombing Iraq - A COUNTRY THAT DID NOTHING TO THE USA - for over a decade.

Here in Asheville, it was estimated that 2,000 people packed into Pritchard Park that day and listened to speakers and musicians who were against the war. It was a cold day, and people were in the trees and spilling out over the sidewalk into Patton Avenue.

Sadly, the US/UK politicians did not listen to the world, and even more sadly, everything the anti-war people predicted would happen in Iraq came to pass. The war of aggression and resulting occupation have destroyed the country of Iraq. Even worse, no one went to jail for inflicting this massive evil on Iraq. 

I have mixed feelings about that protest on February 13, 2003. I am proud we stood up to power around the world. I am glad I was a part of that. And I am deeply sad that Iraq was destroyed and Bush and Cheney have still not been delivered to justice for their evil ways. But I agree with this statement: "Our movement changed history. While we did not prevent the Iraq war, the protests proved its clear illegality, demonstrated the isolation of the Bush administration policies, helped prevent war in Iran, and inspired a generation of activists." by Phyllis Bennis.  It did inspire me to activism, and still does to this day. 

Here are some photos from a display down in Greenville SC against the war of aggression on Iraq. These were taken a few years after 2003.

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