Friday, February 19, 2016

Veterans Challenge Islamophobia

Veterans Challenge Islamophobia is a broad-based call to all veterans to defend the values of religious freedom, equality and individual rights. These are the very same values embedded in our Constitution that many of us believed we were defending when serving in the military. And time is urgent.

The campaign is initiated and coordinated by Veterans For Peace, however, all veterans who agree that bigotry and religious intolerance must be challenged are welcome. Veterans do not have to join VFP or agree with VFP on other issues to participate.

Veterans For Peace is organizing this campaign because Islamophobia here in the U.S. is a path for further demonization of Muslims in foreign lands as a prelude to call for U.S. troops to be sent to Iraq and Syria. This is a proactive effort to blunt the rise of hate and calls for more war.

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