Thursday, February 23, 2017

My opinion

I don't believe there was any Russian interference in our elections. And I don't believe that the Russians hacked into the DNC emails. (There is evidence that they were leaked by a DNC insider.)
There is just no evidence. 
And I don't believe the Russians hacked into our electrical grid in the northeast US. That one had been disproven. 
If Flynn was doing anything illegal with Russian authorities, he will be arrested and charged. If there is no charge over the next few months, we will know that is bunk too. 
And most certainly candidate Clinton talked to people in power in several foreign countries, like Egypt and Saudi Arabia. I am sure her staff talked to even more foreign government officials. And most certainly a lot of people in foreign governments donated to the Clinton Foundation over the past decade. And those donations have really dried up since she lost this election. And I don't know if those donations mean that something nefarious was going on with the Clinton Foundation, but it sure does not look good. It looks like a "pay to play" scheme. 
I like leaks about what our government is up too - because we need to know. However, these recent leaks seem to have an agenda. The CIA has been know to overthrow foreign governments (which I totally condemn) but these leaks seem to have an agenda of disrupting/overthrowing the current US government in the executive branch - and that is not good. It will not end well, no matter how much the American people want to see Trump gone. 
Also, it has been well established that former presidents (while candidates) have interfered with US foreign policy. Reagan's keeping the hostages in Iran from being freed is one example. But Nixon's interference with the Paris Peace Talks is one interference with foreign governments that really killed a massive number of people.

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