Monday, August 07, 2017

The Persistent Deep State

I was driving to work one recent morning, and I heard NPR spew their lies about Russian hacking our elections. This had been going on for almost a year. NPR also mentioned the new sanctions - which amount to a trade war with Russia. And I have to admit - I admire the deep states/neocons/zionists/wahabbis's consistent, persistent, and dedicated nonstop efforts to get us into more war. They never give up!! It is, of course, a bipartisan effort with Obama and the DNC and most Democrats on board, along with a large number of Republicans. And our corporate media plays right along, including NPR. And Trump is bowing to the pressure. If he did want what he said he wanted (better relations with Russia and an end to ISIS), well it looks like that is never going to happen. But you have to admire the warmaker's persistence and nonstop efforts. Today, the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, I wonder how it will all end. I am guessing Americans won't wake up until the planet is destroyed, which will be long after the bombs start falling on our cities and we are facing starvation. Of course, climate change might get us first. Those same actors are working on that too. "reflections of my life - oh, how they fill my mind" ~ Susan

Deep State, Riyad & Tel Aviv Sabotage Good Relations With Russia
“It remains to be seen how effective the deep state will be in sabotaging these attempts of rapprochement between Washington and Moscow. The effects may be exactly the opposite, as already seen in the many failures of Washington’s strategic plans. The neocons/liberals and their regional allies in the Middle East continue to weaken American security by renouncing a partnership against terrorism, which would certainly benefit American citizens in the first place as well as calm the situation in the region. But then again, chaos is always the first choice of the American deep state for the purpose influencing events by fomenting violence and thereby advancing strategic goals and objectives. We can only hope that this time they have overplayed their hand and that European allies, or the Trump administration, will try to survive this new sabotage attempt.”

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