Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Friends Peace Testimony

Quaker approaches to developing peace:
1. peace education and collaboration with other peace groups
2. public protests against war and violence
3. work camps -- became Peace Corps
4. support international, intergovernmental organizations
5. relief and rehabilitation at the close of conflicts
6. mediate between conflicting fractions
7. lobby to cut military spending and support the right of dissent
8. peace research and conflict resolution research
9. apply peaceful, nonviolent measures in the home
10. examine economic and social systems and work to resolve vast differences in the distribution of world's resources
11. cultivate "that of God" in every person

"in the silence, there is music waiting to be heard"

I summarized the above from a long article I read written by the Religious Society of Friends. I posted this for those who say that pacifists have nothing to say about how to solve problems in the world without war.

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