Friday, February 11, 2005

Iraqi lives count too

Below is an on-line petition to MSNBC. It is asking them to count the Iraqi civilian lives lost in this war, along with the American lives. They have equal value, and all human live has equal value.

Also, there is a two minute movie at American Friends Service Committee that is worth watching, if you have a fast internet connection. The movie is called "Wage Peace". They also have a petition... to bring the US troops home from Iraq NOW.

And today's big news items.... North Korea has got a nuclear bomb program, and the Bush administration is not doing anything about that. They are too busy threatening Iran, who is working on a nuclear energy program, but the US thinks they are building nuclear weapons. IAEA does not agree. Iran denies it. But NK..... they boast about it. Who's the bigger problem?

Also, it has been revealed that the FAA was warned about al Qaeda attacks before 9/11. And they did nothing. So, our country is busy starting wars (based on a pack of lies) with countries that did not attack or threaten us, busy threatening some more countries (probably more lies)that did not attack or threaten us, busy selling arms around the world (and lying about it) like nobody's business (and is it a PROFITABLE business, too) and ignoring the real threats to American lives.

We are on the March of Folly.

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