Saturday, June 10, 2006

"If laws were broken......"

"If laws were broken there will be punishment." - Bush

What crimes have Bush/Cheney administration committed? They started a war on bogus reasons; a war of aggression that violates the Nuremberg principles, and that also violated the US constitution. Torture, disappearings, kidnapping, murder are all a part of this current administration. They have fostered a culture of lawlessness, where might equals right, always. They have spied on Americans without judicial oversight, they have violated the Geneva Convention, and they have denied habeas corpus to American citizens. They have tortured men and teenagers in Guantanamo Bay – people who were kidnapped and detained without charges, trial, or evidence. Today, three of those illegally detained men have committed suicide to escape the hell on earth they created.

Laws were broken, and there needs to be punishment. That punishment is IMPEACHMENT. And since our congress and senate is not pursuing this avenue, then the citizens need to rise up and demand that their state legislators need to act.

If you think that winning the next election is so important, and you think not pursuing impeachment now in the supposed strategy that doing so will inspire Bush supporters to show up and vote when they would not if this issue were pursued, well, I think you are sadly mistaken. The pursuit of winning the next election should not stand in the way of doing what is RIGHT, and in this case that means holding those who have committed these crimes and contributed significantly to the grotesque suffering of innocent millions around the world, RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CRIMES. So, if you take this position of not pursuing impeachment now for political reasons and you also claim to love your country, then I will claim that future generations will say DAMN YOUR LOVE AND DAMN YOUR LIES.

And I would add that if you don’t love your country enough right now to stand up for the constitution and preserve it, you may not get the chance to do so in the future, because we are losing our country. We need to restore our constitution and restore the rule of law.

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