Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Road To Guantanamo

This film is very disturbing. It is also reality.

I watched this film on line, and even with my full knowledge of what the bush/cheney administration is up to, it was still very difficult for me to watch my fellow American act like brutes (at best) and like blood-thirsty evil vampires (at worst). The level of ignorance among the US military people was sobering. The level of brutality was totally disgusting.

The decisions made by rumsfeld, gonzales, bush, cheney that led to this prison camp being established is nearly unbelievable - in it's horror.

And yet, they have established mass prison camps inside the USA now. They are not torturing there (as far as I know) but they are mistreating innocent children. Today on Democracy Now! they had a ten year old Canadian boy who was detained in a prison camp along with his parents. They are kept separate, however. Their crime - they were on a flight that was not supposed to stop on US soil, but it did stop because of another passenger who had died. And these people did not have an appropriate visa, so now they are locked up in a prison camp, and the US taxpayers are footing the bill. And Halliburton is making a ton of money. This is so sick and so evil.

I will be showing the film "The Road to Guantanamo" next month here in Asheville. I did this at the request of Amnesty International. I also ordered "The Fog of War" and "Why We Fight" from Amazon. So, a friend suggested tonight that we have a summer film series at the library. We will alternate films about human rights abuses (and war is the worst example of that) and the environment.

Tomorrow I leave for Fayetteville Peace Rally.

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