Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What kind of Amazing Grace?

This short video points out how we always seem to have money for war, but little for helping our fellow humans. It does not mention the $1 TILLION PLUS we have spent to bail out our investment banks, while we cannot find $35 BILLION to insure health care for our nation's children for five years. On top of that, we spend millions on these stupid policial ads that inform us of nothing! It is beyond stupid. I heard today that the TRILLION dollars of debt for the Wall Street criminals will cost us $12 Million every three hours in interest...... and then there is the interest on the debt we are running up on the wars of aggression that we are pursuing that are totally immoral and illegal. I also heard today that a few years back, bush vetoed a bill that would investigate where bin Laden's money came from..... bush said the $12 price tag was too high for American taxpayers. Yeah, right - he didn't want them to trace the money back to his family and friends. All those relatives of bin Laden got out of the USA in September 2001 when no other planes were flying for a reason, don'tca know?

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