Sunday, November 09, 2008

Upcoming Events in the area this week

Cartoon came from McClatchy Newspapers.

And update on local events in the area can be found on the WNC Peace Coalition blog. This week will have a Immigrants forum on Tuesday night, and Human Rights Watch will hold a film festival at UNCA. They will be showing ten films in five days, and the films are excellent! I will be there for at least five of the films, maybe a couple more. This is free of charge.

Meanwhile, it looks like President-elect Obama is going to staff his administration with old Clinton staffers. He has already picked Rahm Emanuel, who is very hawkish and used to serve on the board of Freddie Mac (I think - might have been Frannie Mae) back in 2000-2001. So, we have a combination of warmonger and someone who helped get us into this financial mess - although Freddie and Frannie are the least of this financial problem. This financial mess was definitely a bi-partisan effort - and one that stretches back in the Reagan administration. The policies of bush (including posting someone who pushed Frannie and Freddie into more and more risky loans) definitely made it worse.

Of course, spending over a trillion a year on war making and our military helped get us into a financial crisis also. And now the Obama administration is talking about another stimulus package. It didn't work the last time, or the time before that, but maybe they think three times is a charm.

We are in a deep, deep hole.

And anti-gay measures passed in three states in the last election. Since when does the majority get to decide to deny rights to the minority? This is not Constitutional, but then I guess the US Constitution is dead and gone now.

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