Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Bush and Mubarak and War

Bush and Mubarak

President George W. Bush walks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak after arriving at Sham El Sheikh International Airport, Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2008. White House photo by Eric Draper.

I could not find one of Obama and Mubarak holding hands, but they are buddies too.

World War Three

The Devil's Children
With no disgrace
Crushed and killed
The Human Race
While they got rich
Off the games of war
What in the Hell
Were you fighting for
A silly assed medal
A stupid parade
For all those innocent people
You slayed
After that
You couldn't even get a job
Cause fighting that war
Made you a slob
A sergeant, a major
A corporal, lieutenant
Names and positions all invented
You and me and all the rest
Are just a bunch of little pieces
In a game of chess
Its all the same
A third world war
A bloodthirsty massacre
Just like before
Its genocide
Three billion tears
Feeding on a war
Every twenty years.

--  Melle Mel, of Furious Five


Belle said...

I just watched MSNBC last night where a man explained how it is the stock market people who are at fault for prices rising on food in the Middle East and they will rise here also.
The rich are killing this world with war and pollution.

dancewater said...

yes, they are - and it is not new, it is an old tactic - but things seem to be getting worse, especially in the areas of climate change and economics.