Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back of Veterans for Peace shirt

When VFP member Ray McGovern was tackled and arrested in February for standing with his back to Hillary Clinton as she spoke on freedom of expression, he was wearing his VFP t-shirt.  His act of conscience honored our t-shirt.  Now we are returning the favor by offering a limited edition VFP tee with words of inspiration from Ray on the back.  This VFP shirt is issued in honor of Ray McGovern,  commemorating his arrest for standing silently with his back to Hillary Clinton — while she spoke in defense of freedom of expression on February 15, 2011. They are requesting $50 for each shirt.  You can place your order at the VFP Online Store or by calling the office, 314-725-6005.  
Orders must be received by Monday, April 11.

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