Monday, March 14, 2011

"No fly zone in Libya"???

The idea that the United States government should interfere in another country where the local government is “killing its own people” is beyond preposterous.  The United States had killed off hundreds of thousands of innocents in the last decade alone.  They did this through wars of aggression, occupations, and Special Forces actions.  Furthermore, the government of the United States showed its total contempt for human rights by kidnapping people, torturing them, abusing and degrading them and holding them without trial or charges in concentration camps.  Some of those unarmed detainees died horrible deaths by torture in those camps.

And thought it all, the US government has refused to be held accountable by anyone, including the ICC and the UN.   So, it is very clear that they do not need to get involved in any “humanitarian” intervention and clearly lack the qualifications needed if they were to do so.  To even suggest otherwise is just rank hypocrisy.

I would like to see a no fly zone over Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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