Friday, November 25, 2016

How we treat the earth

From Creation Care Alliance: 
“It is ever more clear to me that the ways we treat the forest, rivers, plants and animals are connected to the ways we treat our neighbors. People of faith of all kinds are called to be in right relationship with land and people, with forest and community.   CCA is working to connect people with people, people with earth, and people with God.  Join us.”  -  Peace, Scott 

And how we treat the earth is also connected to how we treat our neighbors in Syria and Iraq and everywhere else on the planet.  The US military is the biggest environmental destructive force on the planet - even without dropping a bomb. And the way we treat those people in foreign countries does come home - as seen by the militarization of our police across this country. It is all connected. And that is why we need to stop all our wars and reigning in our military by decreasing their budget by 90%. - dancewater

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