Thursday, November 24, 2016

Signing up for a "Muslim Registry"

I signed on to the idea of registering as a Muslim - if they are forced to register. But after thinking it over for awhile, I realized that this is a silly idea. There already is a Muslim registry, otherwise known as the "no fly list" or "terrorist watch list" and there has been since 2001. The FBI and CIA and NSA already know who is a Muslim in this country, where they live and worship, and they have been spying on them since 2001. That is why the FBI could go around to various homes of Muslims earlier this month and ask them questions about al Qaeda attacks before the elections. They went to the homes of Muslim activists in the eastern part of NC, who have no connection to terrorism at all. And the FBI knew that.

Right now,the executive branch, the FBI, NSA, and CIA can, and do, spy on everyone, everywhere, all the time. This started under Bush, was expanded and normalized under Obama, and will be passed on to Trump. 

And, as to the idea that they will round people up and take them to "camps"..... well, that is happening already too. Immigrants have been rounded up, taken to "deportation centers" (which are prisons) and kept there for months or years..... and then often deported. Even Americans born into this country have been put into this 'machine' and deported to countries they never even visited before!  And some children have been in prisons for over a year of their lives! And then sent back to countries where they have been killed. 

Obama has deported 2 1/2+ million people over the last eight years, and this ability will be passed on to Trump also. It is unknown if Trump will deport more than Obama did. He said he will, but Obama set a pretty high bar.

And, most frightening of all, the executive branch now has the power to execute anyone via drone, anytime they want. This was started under Bush, then expanded and normalized under Obama. Bush killed people by drone or aircraft in five countries, Obama did it in seven countries - or maybe eight or nine countries. And not much of a peep has been made about that. Now Trump gets to do it.

So far, our presidents have not drone bombed anyone in the USA. Not sure if that will remain unchanged in the future.

Obama did stop kidnapping people, shipping them to foreign countries or GITMO and then torturing them, but he replaced it with drone bombings. (Hardly an improvement!)  However, Obama normalized these activities (kidnapping and torture) when he refused to prosecute anyone for those crimes. And now Trump can do these things if he wants to. And he will do it.

And, Obama normalized the starting of wars without Congressional notification, much less their approval. They don't even bother to tell the American people. That is how Obama conducted he recent war on Libya - dropping thousands of bombs this past September and October, causing who knows what hell. He just started up a war, executed it, and then stopped without much of a peep. 

Now Trump can do that as well. 

So, the idea that we can all register as Muslims when the day comes they are forced to register, is a pretty silly idea, I decided. Rather like wearing safety pins to show we are "allies". I think both are 'white people ideas' on doing something that is not really asking very much of white people. (Rather than thinking up ways to 'save' the Muslims or Natives or others, we had better shut up and listen to them!)

Our Muslim, immigrant, Native and black residents have been under attack for a very long time, and white people have not done much to stop it. 

And, of course, Muslims in a half dozen foreign countries are having bombs dropped on them regularly, their culture and society torn apart, and developed into fertile groups for violent extremists for over 15 years now..... and not many Americans are doing much about that either!  Many of them actually believe that Obama stopped the wars, closed Guantanamo, stopped kidnapping and torture and is an all around great guy. 

And some of those American who believe that got elected this month to local, state and federal offices.

We are in deep trouble, as I am sure most of you realize.

See you in the gulag. 

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