Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dinner with Faiza, Mary and Rick

I am now in DC, and my first stop was to listen to a lecture by Faiza Jarrar of "A Family in Baghdad" blog. Faiza talked about the "divide to control" strategy being used by the Bush administration in Iraq. She said the Brits tried it also (a few decades back) and her grandparents told her about it. It didn't work then, and hopefully, it won't work now. Faiza commented repeatedly how "they" do not listen to her or other Iraqis. The "they" in this case is the US authorities, Bush administration, and US lawmakers in the Senate.

Faiza definitely thinks the US troops need to get out of Iraq.

She said if people are willing to come to Iraq to listen to them and help, then that is great. But if they come in with an attitude of "I know best" then she feels they should stay away.

I agree with Faiza.

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