Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Afghanistan Incidents for May 16, 2006 and May 17, 2006

May 17, 2006

#1: A suicide car bomb exploded near a UN convoy in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing the attacker, but there were no immediate reports of other casualties, officials said. The attack occurred in Kandahar city, a former Taliban stronghold

#2: Militants attacked a police post and a government office, and a gunbattle later broke out in Afghanistan ‘s rugged eastern border with Pakistan on Tuesday, killing four people and injuring 13, officials said. The militant attacks on the government facilities occurred in the mountains in Khost province. The fighting raged for about an hour before the militants fled

#3: A girls’ school was torched close to midnight Tuesday in northern Badakhshan province, deputy provincial governor Mohammad Isa Atahi told AFP.

#4: Also on Monday a girls’ school came under rocket attack in central Wardak province which adjoins the capital, said provincial spokesman Abdul Hafiz Salam. The attack caused no casualties since it occurred early in the morning but caused some damage.

#5: A female Canadian soldier has been killed in Afghanistan -- the 17th Canadian to die on the mission and the first female. No details are available on the incident.
A female captain in the Canadian armed forces was killed in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday during a military operation, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp reported.

May 16, 2006

#1: Militants attacked a police post and a government office near Afghanistan's rugged eastern border with Pakistan on Tuesday and a gun battle killed four people and wounded seven, police said. Two of the dead were police, while the other two were insurgents, Badshah said. The body of one of the slain militants was found to have explosives strapped to it. Three police and three members of a local security forces were wounded. The seventh person hurt was a local villager.

#2: Suspected Taleban insurgents tossed a crude bomb into an Afghan girls’ classroom, wounding a teacher and five students, a headmaster and police said on Tuesday. Headmaster Gul Mohammad said a small bomb was thrown through a window into a girls’ class at his school, in the Chamtol district of the northern province of Balkh, on Monday. A teacher was seriously wounded and five girls were slightly hurt with burns in the attack, he said.

#3: Another school in the district was burned down early on Tuesday after its guards were beaten up, police said.

#4: In the southern province of Helmand, where British forces are in charge of security, police found the beheaded bodies of two government workers who had gone missing last week.

#5: In Ghazni province, just south of the Kabul, a man had his hands blown off and was blinded when a mine he was planting exploded, police said. A provincial security official said he believed the mine was intended to kill people working on a US-funded road project.


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