Monday, May 15, 2006

Our Country

Murdoch, who owns FAUX NEWS, has decided to have a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton!

What a CO-INKY-DINK!!!

And when pundits and Republicans are confronted with the false WMDs claim used to start a war where none existed, they quickly say "Bill Clinton Believed it TOO" And it just so happens that Bill Clinton did say that Saddam had WMDs, and it just so happens that he signed on to "regime change in Iraq" (as proposed by the neo-cons and the PNAC group) back in 1998.... and he pulled the UN weapons inspectors out of there (seems we might want them IN IRAQ if there were WMDs, NO?); also regularly bombed Iraq, imposed sanctions that weakened the country and hurt the common people (but not Saddam).... and professed that Iraq had WMDs and was a threat to the USA.


(Well, just for the record, I was able to clearly determine that there was no nuclear WMDs in Iraq back in the fall of 2002. I did it with an AOL account, a six year old notebook computer and a phone line. Imagine.)

So, how come one of the leaders of the media-military-industrial complex is now backing Hillary after all that smearing of Clinton? And how come Clinton (Bill, that is) is running around acting like best buddies with Bush #41? Maybe, THEY ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER. Maybe, the Murdoch's of the world realize that Bush is so lacking in popular approval right now, that they have to find another (so-called "centralist" Democrat) person to run in the next election to insure that their corporate profits keep rolling along! And that's why Murdoch is supporting Hillary. His support is the "kickback" known as political contributions. What the people might want is immaterial - we are there to be manipulated and spied on.

So, I recommend watching this movie on line (FREE):

The Corporation

It explains a lot about how we have a country "of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations" now-a-days, with the recent added twist of *whoever is in power gets to spy on the others and see what dirt they can dig up to black-mail or under cut them with* --- oh, and to make sure the elections are SET.

And, after seeing that movie, here is a short clip on who might be behind the DEATH SQUADS in Iraq. For those of us paying attention, they reminded us A LOT of the DEATH SQUADS in El Salvador and other Latin American countries.


Oh, yes, war is good for some business....... and a real horror for the victims, but they are brown people who are not even Americans, SO WHO CARES?? Clearly our government does not.

So here's that presentation: "Crying Wolf: Who is behind the Death Squads in Iraq?" Viewers should be &aware that due to the nature of the subject, some images within this movie are of a disturbing nature. The implications of the evidence are even more disturbing.

Yes, we are losing our country. I don't even know if we can save it at this point.

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johnx said...

Perhaps global warming will help us get it together and learn to share.

Hillary is part of the War party. I can't tell republicans from democrats anymore, so I just try to judge if they are in the War Party or not.

Hillary is.