Monday, May 28, 2007

Response to Informed Comment blog

"Our job as the citizens of a democratic Republic is to ensure that we only ask them to risk everything (everything) when our Republic is genuinely in danger. Not for any other reason. They did their jobs. "It's just a job, sir." Have we done ours?" - Juan Cole of Informed Comment blog.

I certainly did mine. I protested this illegal and immoral and very, very stupid war since September 2002. I got nowhere. I remember being so frustrated because so many Americans, and I include you in that bunch Mr. Cole, could not see how evil this invasion and occupation of Iraq would turn out to be - and how deadly it would be for the people of Iraq.

Even today, I find Americans very frustrating - they seem to have NO understanding of their complicity in being duped so easily into a war of aggression and therefore no ability to stop any further wars of aggression. Way, way, WAY too many people see our military as a solution to (mostly fear-induced made up) problems that the military can never solve...... the American people failed totally to see that the multitude of countries we attack and bomb and stir up strife in, are not a threat to our safety and well-being at ALL.

Our military is simply doing this bombing and invasions (and the CIA is stirring up strife in multitude countries around the world) to insure that *corporations* control and profit from the resources of other countries. Just as our military slaughtered the natives of this country to provide for the profit and expansionism of the white people, they are required to do this around the globe. This is not something to be proud of - nor is it something to glamorize. It is slaughter for greed. And it will never keep us safe in the long run, even if you can get past the immorality of these plans. They are only serving to make the rich and powerful more rich and powerful. The American people have a way, way too idealized "image" of the military in their heads. And today they blame our elected leaders for the mess we are in - totally WITHOUT any understanding of their own complicity. I fail to understand why they, and you, are still drinking the kool-aid. I think (and FEAR) that Americans will only turn from inflicting violence on other people and countries when war comes to our living rooms, but not via the TV sets.

This immorality and evil insanity has got to stop.

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