Friday, February 20, 2009

Open Letter to Obama

Email from Jewish Voice for Peace:

From Gaza to Tel Aviv, from Florida and New York, we have already heard from hundreds of you about our Open Letter to Obama.

For each one of you, the message has meant something different.

From Gaza we heard from a doctor who said, "all we have left is hope." From New York, a retiree said she feels that with this new American president, and the selection of George Mitchell as envoy, a resolution to the conflict is actually possible.

Others said thank you for calling for an end to the siege of Gaza and for talks to include everyone. Many were glad we called attention to the Arab Peace plan and the role of American money and weapons in perpetuating the conflict and bloodshed-- of both Palestinians and Israelis.

In just a few weeks, over 20,000 of you signed the letter and it has already been featured in Ha'aretz, Israel's leading newspaper.

Robert Naiman is the coordinator of Just Foreign Policy, our partner in this project. He will deliver your signatures to Washington DC this Monday, February 23, as we promised.

We're sending him 20,000 signatures to hand-deliver, but we'd like to make it 30,000.

You've already signed the letter, so now is our last chance to help us get more names.

Tell everyone to sign the Open Letter to Obama.

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