Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our priceless, priceless media, yet again

This video came via Glenn Greenwald’s blog on Salon. I recommend reading him! He is great.

As Glenn points out – this Fox News ‘journalist’ acts very condescending to the guy who he is interviewing. The guy he is interviewing is the Mayor of Lansing Michigan, who happens to be the son of a UAW worker. This Mayor wants to know why Wall Street is not being asked to “sacrifice” for the good of the economy but regular auto workers are being asked to make significant sacrifices. This journalist is unbelievable arrogant, as they have a tendency to be in this country….. even in the face of the fact that they prove time and time again that THEY TOTALLY STINK AT THEIR JOBS!!!!!

I applaud this Mayor. He speaks the truth. We seem to have endless money to bailout the very people who caused this mess, save their financial institutions and give them huge bonuses; but we hear endless complaints about the much meager sums being spent to save jobs.

Our TV media is a sick, sick joke.

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