Monday, February 23, 2009

United Against Racism

The information on this campaign came to me via email. It is a US-based network that seeks to draw connections between Palestinian struggles and struggles for racial and economic justice. They started an "Open Letter to Obama" and ask him to attend the Durban Review Conference on Racism in April. It starts off like this:

As people of conscience in the United States struggling for a socially, economically and ecologically healthier world free of racism, colonialism, and militarism, we write to respectfully urge you to attend the upcoming Durban Review Conference on Racism from 20-24 April 2009.
If you would like to sign on to this letter, then go to this link.

I also signed on to a Democracy for America appeal, however I won't link to that. I signed it because a friend sent it. It asks for a 'Truth and Reconciliation' commission. I am in totally agreement with a Truth commission, but I don't want reconciliation. I want to see those murdering criminals go before a judge and jury.

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