Monday, March 23, 2009

Troublemakers at the ANSWER rally

Just as we left the first stop at the war profiteers (Boeing), I noticed these folks who had on bandanas, were dressed mostly in black, and were covering their face. I instantly thought that they were trouble. Half way down the street, they blocked the march with some signs. They also were busting up some sticks, and one stick was about 8 feet long. I picked this up, along with a shorter one, and took them to the building where they were stopped. There was a security person there, so I let him know what I was doing and what I suspected was happening. I also took these photos.

I went and walked away from this area, as the people in the march were doing chants about ‘stand up, sit down’ and making the corresponding movements. As I walked to the next stop at the war profiteers, I spoke to every police officer who looked approachable and let them know what I suspected was happening. A bit later at the next stop, the speaker from ANSWER spoke to say that people who are doing violence or destroying property are not part of ANSWER.

By the way, this rally was far from “all white”. In our group of 26, we had five people of color, two of them born in foreign countries.

On the way home, another women who was traveling with us said that she saw a guy with a bandana on, and dressed in black, throw a hammer at a window and broke it (the hammer fell to the outside of the window). She said there was an old man with a walker on the other side of the window. She looked at the pictures on my camera and could not identify the hammer thrower, but she said he was dressed in a similar manner.

I guess there always has to be someone to disrupt a non-violent protest.

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