Saturday, January 22, 2005

Friday and the PDA

Today, I went back to EYES WIDE OPEN to help break it down and pack it up. I decided to go and collect the children's shoes and keep them separate from the adults (at least, most of them). I filled up three large bags of children's shoes. There were some press there today, including some TV announcers and someone from AFP (that is the French press, but I forget the spelling of the first part of their name). The AFP guy took pictures of me loading up the shoes, but he mostly took pictures of the baby shoes while I was holding them. He asked for my name and what I was doing in DC and why I was there. Who knows what will come of it, but I hope more information about this exhibit (and the reasons behind it) get out to the general public. Maybe more people will start to think about this war.

Putting on this exhibit is a lot of work. Just setting it up takes 40 -50 people. I commend American Friends Service Committee for doing this. It is a worthwhile task. I hope to bring it to Asheville.

After this, I went to the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) conference. Golly, those folks are disorganized. I often wonder (when I am involved with the Progressive Democrats) if we can truly change the Democratic party here in the USA. It seems like they are just "Republican lite". I often say Clinton was the best Republican president we ever had.

Two really good experiences at this conference today was hearing Tom Hayden speak on ideas to promote getting our troops out of Iraq, and going to a discussion on blogging! This discussion was on how to promote your blog, and how to use blogs for sharing information, resources, and organizing for political reasons. I have some notes on how to connect my blog to other progressive blogs, and I think I will do this later....... I say "I think I will" because I am not totally sure I want my blog to be widely read.

But I do hope this blog promotes progressive values and peace, and an end to the war in Iraq. And I hope you, dear reader, do too. Thanks for reading.

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