Sunday, January 02, 2005


Today, I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting with Malcolm and Malique for the first time. They are exactly 11 days old. They are beautiful, and full of the light of God. They are the children of Zahrah, a former US soldier, who conceived this beautiful children while serving in Iraq. The twins' father is still in Iraq, and due to come home in February. He is in the National Guard.

It was such a pleasure just to hold these little ones. The name Malique means "king" or "leader" in Arabic. The name Malcolm means "dove"... and I forget what language that was originally from. The name Zahrah means "flower" and is also Arabic, I believe. Zahrah was evacuated from Iraq for medical reasons (not pregnancy) last summer. The army still has not found her belongings to forward them to her. I sent her a Peace Bear while she was in Iraq. I also sent a Peace Bear to Faiza, an Iraqi blogger.

I would also like to remember Zahrah Ali Sabah, a 26 year old Iraqi women who was killed by missiles on March 27, 2003 in Basrah. She is listed on Raed Jarrar's Iraqi Civilian Casualties list, and her name is in the middle of the list (when the list is put in order of ages of the deceased). I do not know if this Zahrah had children or not, but it is certain she had loved ones who grieve her death. So, one Zahrah lives and is blessed with two beautiful children, and another Zahrah dies from US missiles.

Please pray for peace tonight.

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