Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Saturday at the PDA

On this past Saturday, January 22, I went back to the Progressive Democrats of America conference. There were about 500 people there. There was also a significant winter storm warning and lots of snow predicted. And snow it did, later in the day. The university was totally shut down except for this conference. It was shut before on snowflake fell.

This morning there were some excellent speakers. Jim Zogby (Arab American Institute) spoke well on the situation in Iraq and encouraged us to keep the pressure on our leaders. William Rivers Pitt (www.truthout.org) on getting the message out to the people, as did Jeff Cohen (www.fair.org) . Our mainstream US "news" is just pitiful. One question asked: If we had a state media here in this country, how would it have been any different (in the run up to the Iraq war)?

I really enjoyed hearing Medea Benjamin (Code Pink) and her excellent adventures on inauguration day, Amy Goodman (www.democracynow.org) and Jesse Jackson, Jr. I also really enjoyed David Cobb (Green party), and appreciate him for going after the Ohio vote count. Cobb said he sill not hold his nose and vote for someone who is the "lesser of two evils' again. Neither will I. Kerry is pitiful in how he didn't show any backbone in the Ohio voting scandal.

I had to leave to catch a flight home (it took almost 10 hours to get home) just when they were starting "Organizing Spiritual Communities to Heal a Divided Nation". I think that might have been interesting, so I'm sorry I missed it.

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