Sunday, January 21, 2007

Final Eyes Wide Open photo

Again, this photo was taken by Jill D., a remarkable young NC women who I have had the pleasure of lobbying with up in DC. This one shows a young man looking closely at the personal letters a family have written to their deceased son.

Many of the boots have personal mementos attached to them, and they all had a flag of North Carolina and a carnation in them.

May all the deceased from this war rest in peace.
And may Americans learn that war is wrong, and should not be pursued.


Jill Doub said...

Thanks for posting these pictures, Susan. Those are three of my favorites, too. It was a very powerful display.
Next stop: Davidson College, NC

dancewater said...

cool - that's near here! Well, sorta near. I didn't want to use your full name without asking, but I guess it would have been okay!

Jill Doub said...

Oh yes, full name is fine. But thanks for making sure.