Monday, January 22, 2007

For Faiza

A picture of the sun setting over the city of Baghdad. Taken in 2006. I am writing this post for Faiza, who had to leave the city she loved and the rivers she loved, for safety in a foreign land. I know she is waiting and working to someday return to her own home, Baghdad.

I would like to dedicate a song to Faiza. It is called "Going Home" by Mary Fahl. I first picked this song and played it for her when she called into a local radio station for an interview. At that time, it was not commonly thought that Iraq was in a civil war, but the Bush administration's plan of divide and conquer was working, and would one day lead to a state of civil war in Iraq. The song "Going Home" was written about the American civil war. But when I first picked the song, there was violence and fighting in Iraq, but no civil war. Today, it is headed to a civil war, or maybe the more accurate way of looking at it is to say that it is a fight against the occupation supporters (those who profit and are in power because the US is there) and those who are against the occupation.

Faiza, I hope one day soon, you can go back home to Baghdad.

“Going Home”

They say there’s a place , where dreams have all gone
They never said where, but I think I know
Its miles through the night just over the dawn
On the road that will take me home

I know in my bones, I've been here before
The ground feels the same, tho the land's been torn
I've a long way to go, the stars tell me so
On this road that will take me home.

Love waits for me round the bend
Leads me endlessly on
Surely sorrows shall find their end
and all our troubles will be gone
And I know what I've lost, and all that I won
when the road finally takes me home

And when I pass by , don't lead me astray
Don't try and stop me , don't stand in my way
I'm bound for the hills where cool waters flow
on this road that will take me home

Love waits for me round the bend
Leads me endlessly on
Surely sorrows shall find their end
and all our troubles will be gone
And we'll know what we've lost and all that we've won
when the road finally takes me home.

I'm going home
I'm going home
I'm going home

UPDATE: This was also posted on Daily Kos.


Human said...

A few minutes ago, I was bitching about haloscan giving me fits. Thanks for setting me straight with this post.

My baby is asleep safe in his crib.
Our bellies are full.
We are Warm and Safe.

I Hope and Pray Faiza makes it Home someday.

The song touched me deeply.


PS - I'm going to go do a post to lead people to this link.

PSS - This link would take one directly to the song via realplayer.

Sicily Sue said...

I wish I could help Faiza find her lovely home again. May the universe bless her life and lead her back to a peaceful life. Good perspective. I hope she can soon walk the land of her youth wihtout fear.

Old Broad said...

Through following those wonderful blue link thingies, I found this marvelous post.
I, too, with Faiza the best. Somehow, may she be able to go back home again.

pissed off patricia said...

It's just so freakin' sad and needless. Bless her heart, I hope some day she can forgive us for what our country has done to her life.

Human said...

Hi Dancewater. Reort and pics of the Dc Demo at my place.


dancewater said...

I also posted this blog for Faiza on Daily Kos, and this is the link: