Sunday, November 25, 2007

Support the Veterans Day 18

EMAIL SENT TO ME FROM Veterans for Peace:

"Members of Eastern MA, Smedley Butler Chapter were given strict rules for participating in the Boston Veterans Day Parade. Being forced to march after the end of the parade, and being limited to no speaking or signage, members of chapter 009 took matters into their own hands. While they did march after the end of the parade, they marched with their US Flags upside down. When the parade ended and people were getting ready to speak on stage, 18 members of VFP stood with their mouths gagged, in full VFP gear and signs that read, "American Legion SILENCES messages of peace from veterans." They were arrested and arraigned on charges of disturbing a public assembly."


Supporters are encouraged to call, fax, and email the Mayor of Boston, Tom Menino.

Phone: 617.635.4500
Fax: 617.635.2851

My email to the mayor:

Dear Mayor Menino:

I really don't think the Veterans for Peace should have been arrested at the Veterans Day Parade in your city. I mean, what a way to show you support veterans! By arresting them for making a silent statement on the day that is supposed to honor them for choosing to serve our country and protect our Constitution!

I guess it kinda does go with the "free speech zones" that you had in 2004 for the Democratic Party convention. Funny thing is, I am a 52 year old professional woman, and I grew up under the impression that the whole country was a free speech zone. And I could never have imagined Veterans being arrested on Veterans Day for silently and peacefully protesting an illegal war of aggression.

I have a first cousin (once removed) who was buried in France in 1944. He was an American. My father and all eight of my uncles served in that war also. They are all gone now - but really, what did they fight and die for, if they US itself is going to destroy the US Constitution and way of life?

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