Tuesday, December 25, 2007

O little town of Bethlehem

Bethlehem, West Bank: Illusive British graffiti artist Banksy's new works


I don't know much about Banksy, but I think it is great that someone is using those apartheid walls to protest the occupation. How ironic that Jesus, founder and basis for Christianity, was born in Bethlehem - which is now an occupied piece of land with no peace. Even more ironic, the "Christians" of the world either do nothing about this situation or actively contribute to making it worse.

Here is some more information on him, and some more pictures of his artwork on the apartheid walls in Bethlehem. And a video report from the BBC.

This evening is the eve of the date that Jesus was supposedly born in Bethlehem. I don't think we know for sure when he was born, but we do know it was Bethlehem. Not that either of those 'facts' matter. I think we need to start putting "Christ" back into "Christianity" soon.

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