Monday, December 31, 2007

Protest in Israel

Photo: Israeli and Palestinian women from the Woman in Black organization demonstrate against the Israeli occupation in Jerusalem, 2000. Hundreds of Jewish and Arab women staged a protest in Jerusalem against Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. (AFP/File/Sven Nackstrand)

Every Friday, Women in Black around the world stand in silence to remember all the loss and grief that comes from violence, particularly the violence of war and occupation. This group was started in Israel, and has been around for twenty years. This past week, they protested near the home of Israeli Prime Minister Olmert. They were composed of both Jewish and Arab women, and on this occasion they sang songs and carried signs that read: “Down with occupation”.

There are Women in Black groups around the world now. They are women standing together in silence to protest and mourn all the losses that come from all this unnecessary violence. They dress in all black, and here in my town, they stand in silence.

Today, I got two emails from Jewish Voices for Peace. I believe what the Israeli government has been doing for the last, oh, sixty years or so is horrible. But I always remember that the Jewish faith has a strong peace testimony, and there are many, many Jews working for peace today..... here in the USA and in Israel and around the world.

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