Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Want to do something about radioactive waste?

Photo - Arrest Me, I blog! [Well, I have not been arrested yet, but if I am going to be arrested for something, you can bet it will be for exercising my Constitutional rights, now that we live in a lawless police state.] But that cute photo has nothing to do with this post.

But if you are interested in seeing the end of production of nuclear waste, this conference may interest you:

Save the date -- National Activist Summit on Radioactive Waste
May 30 -- June 1, 2008 Columbia, South Carolina

*We as a community say "stop making more" radioactive waste since we understand that the failure to find a real solution to this problem is the failure of the technologies that produce it;
*We as a community demand responsible management of radioactive waste;
*We stand firm against false "solutions;"
*We reject the idea that this waste should be exported -- to Indigenous Lands -- or anywhere else;
*We call for better security and improved management and containment where ever the waste is now;
*We focus on the hazards of transporting radioactive waste and materials -- particularly in the case of irresponsible, false "solutions"

Today the nuclear industry is trying to revive: both the electric power nuclear generating infrastructure (with new nuclear reactors breaking out like pox) and the move to expand the Bombplex. The military/civilian distinction is diminishing (if there ever was one). It is time for us to come together--to find and re-affirm that "We" -- in the sense of The People, in the sense of impacted communities--and essentially as activists.

This event was born in a moment at a 'break-out' session of a conference on Precautionary Action in Greensboro, NC in November 2007--and is being carried forward by a planning group including participation from:

David Kraft -- Nuclear Energy Information Service
Debbie Grinnell -- C-10
Diane D'Arrigo -- Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Glenn Carroll -- Nuclear Watch South
Janet Marsh -- Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
Judy Treichel -- Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force
Kevin Kamps -- Beyond Nuclear
Leslie Minerd
Mary Olson -- NIRS Southeast
Rochelle Becker – Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility
Sara Barczak -- Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Susan Corbett -- Sierra Club, South Carolina Chapter
Tom Clements -- Friends of the Earth

The Summit will convene on the evening of Friday May 30 with an event also promoted to the public in Columbia: Keynote presentation by Dr. Frank von Hippel on the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership -- with panel of discussants including Steve Frishman, Kevin Kamps and Diane D'Arrigo to bring into focus the new challenges we face in the arena of nuclear expansionism.

Saturday morning our activist community will convene, get acquainted/tell our stories. Saturday afternoon we will share information and ideas in issue and technical break-out sessions. Saturday evening will be a combination of time to think together and party! Sunday morning we will share our vision and formulate messages that we can all stand behind. We will wrap up with a Keynote presentation by Dr. Arjun Makhijani on his new Carbon Free, Nuclear Free: A Roadmap for US Energy Policy to inspire us with real solutions.

Costs will be nominal--we are working on having some modest support funds to assist far-flung communities to be represented at the Summit. The site includes dorm-style private rooms with shared baths. Food will be simple. We are working to keep registration (with food and lodging) well under $100.

Please drop a message to Mary Olson nirs@main.nc.us or call 828-675-1792 if you want to be part of this event or want to get updates. We will follow up with a more detailed program and registration details soon.

Note: due to industry attempts to participate in recent events intended for activists, there will be a pre-registration process. This event is open to all who are working positively for the end of the production of more radioactive waste (stop making it)!


Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS)
6930 Carroll Ave, Suite 340, Takoma Park, MD 20912
301-270-NIRS fax 301-270-4291 nirsnet@nirs.org http://www.nirs.org

NIRS affiliated with World Information Service on Energy (WISE) in 2000 --the NIRS / WISE Network serves grassroots activists on 5 continents

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