Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Iraq war is not ending

This came in an email a couple of weeks ago from Voters for Peace:

President Obama is claiming an end to the war in Iraq. His end will mean 50,000 troops remaining and at least that many private troops, mercenaries. While the troops are no longer engaged in "combat" they will be "fighting terrorism." And, there is more and more talk of U.S. troops remaining much longer. As you can see the end of the war seems to mean the continuation of it.

The peace movement is coming together to point out the incomplete truth of the end of the Iraq War. The U.S. media is reporting on the claims by the White House without any criticism or commentary that it is not really an end to the war, but the continuation of it under new rhetoric.

You can see a list of events occurring around the country on the website of our colleagues at CODE PINK.

Click here to see list.

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