Friday, September 03, 2010

Out walking one day, ran into this huge bush (vine?)

and snapped these photos.  I thought the berries (which were sorta hard) were very cool looking. They were pink, red, purple, green, blue, turquoise, and maroon.   I have no idea what plant this is, or if it is edible.


Anonymous said...

did you ever find out what kind of bush this was? I happened to noticed the same kind of berries today on a plant growing near where I work. They were growing near the sidewalk on the hill where I walk up from the commuter train. They were so unusual that I picked a small piece and asked people at work if they knew what it was. No one did. When I got home I googled "turquoise berries" and your pictures came up. It is exactly the same. I was thinking they might make a cool dye -- if you could get enough of them. I might try planting the berries and see what happens. I doubt they are edible.

Anonymous said...

I believe they're Porcelain Berries....give it a google and see if you agree....

Blueishfox said...

Strangely, I also saw these interesting bushes with berries while walking along a sidewalk toward the commuter train. Creepy! Lol but I did read they're an ornamental species from Asia commonly used in gardening although are known as quite invasive in North America

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