Sunday, October 28, 2007

cheney talks trash

cheney was talking in DC about Lebanon and the upcoming elections:

Lebanon has the right to conduct the upcoming elections free of any foreign interference. The United States will work with free Lebanon’s other friends and allies to preserve Lebanon’s hard won independence and to defeat the forces of extremism and terror that threaten not only that region,

but US countries across the wider region.”

I got this quote from Democracy Now on October 22, 2007.

So, now, are we multiple countries? Has part of the US up and moved to the Middle East region? Or is this his way of saying that Iraq is really a US country? Hey, maybe Israel is too! WHO KNOWS? I find it startling that he said this. It is also deeply hypocritical that he talks about “forces of extremism and terror” when he was the main architect of the war of aggression against Iraq. He is the biggest terrorist on the planet right now. And while he is championing no outside interference, you can bet the US is interfering all over the place. The US has been sending plane-loads of weapons into Lebanon (per Robert Fisk) and the US is planning on building a military airbase in Lebanon. The road to this proposed airbase goes right beside the recently destroyed Palestinian camp in Lebanon. There is talk of other US military installations in Lebanon. So, Lebanon is not free of “foreign interference” by a long shot.

Of course, some Americans have trouble seeing themselves as “foreign” no matter where they are. I heard a story where US troops in Iraq asked a farmer if he saw any foreign troops recently, and he told them that he had, and that he was currently talking to them.

I feel sorry for the people in Lebanon. Between the US and Israel, they will see lots of violence, I fear.

I do not capitalize cheney's name as a sign of my deep disrespect for him and his evil ways.

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