Sunday, October 07, 2007

Letter to Buncombe County Comissioners

I am writing today to say that I do not agree with, or approve, the building of condos on Pack Square. The land that is there was given to all the city residents for all time by Mr. Pack. This needs to be preserved.

I am also dismayed at the growing cases of Buncombe County Sheriff's office and Asheville Police arresting people for expressing their opinions in public space, or in one case - on their front porch. It is unbelievable that people are arrested for flying a flag upside down or attaching a paper to it, turning it into a piece of clothing, writing on it or burning it. I would never do the last four - but people do have that right under our constitution. (I can send you a picture of Mr. bush writing on a flag, if you would like.) I know the charges were dropped against the Kuhn's - however, I have not heard of any disciple against the office who went into their house without probable cause or a warrant. That is frightening to think the police will bust into your home any time they get angry.

Even more disturbing is the arrest of Jonas Phillips for holding a sign on a highway bridge. Right after 9/11, it seemed nearly every bridge in town had people on it holding flags. They, like Jonas, have every right to do so. I have held a sign myself calling for impeachment, and have had dozens of cops go by without stopping or commenting. I have been doing this since July 9th in Asheville. There is only one reason why I do this - I feel impeaching the criminals in office is the only way to save our country and restore our standing in the world as decent people. With Jonas' arrest - I feel -- WHY BOTHER??? If Americans want the whole country to end up like New Orleans, then they should get what they want.

Now you can imagine what affect this attitude will have on my interest and willingness to help out on the city, state and national level - whether that "helping out" is volunteer work or political work or social justice work.

And I will NOT be standing in the cold rain to stop a high rise elite condo being built on Pack Square again. If you want to destroy that area, then you can go right ahead. I will move to Canada, once I get totally fed up.

Thank you for reading.

This was written and sent on September 2, 2007. No answer received.

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