Monday, October 04, 2010

Attempted coup in Ecuador

On Thursday, September 30, there was a police rebellion in Ecuador that many have described as an attempted coup. Many in the region are questioning what the role of the United States might be in these events.

I urged President Obama to make a clear, personal statement of opposition to any attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ecuador by using the form below. Will you join me?


The above came from Just Foreign Policy, an excellent resource.  One of the problems with the US government accepted the coup in Honduras is that this will happen more often in Central and South America.  Coups are not good, they lead to violence and repression and expanded poverty.  In Honduras, there have been many civil rights and human rights violations since the coup and even since the election of a new president.  Often times the US government is behind these coups.  And many of the people who are involved in the coups are graduates of the School of the Americas (now under a different title, but still at Ft. Benning).  There is a massive protest there every year in November.

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