Tuesday, October 26, 2010


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange defends the unauthorized release of 400,000 classified US military documents on the war in Iraq, saying they revealed the "truth" about the conflict.  (AFPTV/POOL)

I am glad this information is now available.  I will be posting some more on what was revealed.  I have found many new photos for the Faces of Grief blog from this exposure.  I am finding these photos and reports in the European press, while the American press seems to be ignoring this story.  I am boiling mad over what was done to Iraq by the US government and US military.  I have always been opposed to this war (and all other wars, too) and I have been solidly against this massively evil war of aggression.  I am like a rock - solidly opposed.  I find it maddening that there are so few Americans who stand with me.
I stand with Julian Assange too.  He is a hero in my eyes.

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