Monday, October 11, 2010

Fighting illegal immigration since 1492

In honor of Columbus Day


Belle said...

I love this. All of us but the natives are here illegally.

dancewater said...

yes, at least until the US was founded, then I guess the immigrants who were allowed to come were "legal" but coming to a country that had committed genocide and ethnic cleansing to create their ILLEGAL state!

The Natives sure took better care of the place.

Anonymous said...

Actually those that come here in 1492 were allowed to stay and was not deported. So they can hardly be called "illegal" since us Indians let them in. We could have killed them off but we welcomed them and that was the beginning of the destruction of America.
Since we did not have any immigration laws, immigration to American could not be illegal.

Anonymous said...

Nothing can be illegal until there is a law making it illegal.