Friday, October 15, 2010

Water, Water, Water

Today, bloggers are asked to blog about water.  Water is vital to life, all life.  Obviously, I love water - that is why it is a part of my blog name.  (I also love dancing!)  But I really, really love water.  I love drinking it, I love making tea with it, I love getting clean in water, I love swimming in it.... I love looking at it and I love smelling it.  I did whitewater kayaking for 20 years, and I loved boating on it (well, most of the time - it can be scary at times, too).  I love watching it fall, as in the picture below of Whitewater Falls, which is on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina.

 A lot of the streams in my area are beautiful and clear.  My own tap water comes from an impounded creek high up in the mountains of western North Carolina.  It is, of course, treated before going out to the residents.... but even with that, it is great tasting water.  I wish everyone could have clean water to drink and clean water to look at and clean water to smell.

This blog post is part of the Blog Action Day on water.

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Belle said...

Beautiful photo. We are lucky to live near Okanagan Lake, home of the famous Ogopogo.