Friday, October 08, 2010

These ugly, brutal wars...

Yesterday marks the anniversary of nine years of war in Afghanistan - which is spreading to Pakistan.  Violence and horror continue in Iraq.  This is a new video from RETHINK AFGHANISTAN.

And here's a nice review of the drone bombings, and other bombings, being done in Pakistan by the Obama administration.  As usual, the bombing campaigns are not 'breaking' the Taliban or the combatants in Pakistan.... as usual, it is making more combatants interested in fighting back.  (The only time where bombing really did break the will of the people was in Japan in WW2 - and that likely only worked because they knew their government had started it!)

I believe Obama is worse than Bush.  He is doing more bombings, more extrajudicial killings, and more human rights abuses.  He totally failed to keep his promise to get out of Iraq.  There are 50K US troops still there, and even more "contractors".... I read there were 75,000 of them!

Stuck in Feedback Loop: Drone Strikes Provoke Terrorists Who Provoke More Drone Strikes

The latest attacks on fuel tankers along the blocked NATO supply route
that crosses from Pakistan into Afghanistan at the closed Torkham
crossing have resulted in three deaths and possibly more than 20
tankers burned. The Taliban in Pakistan have claimed responsibility
for the attacks, vowing to continue them until the supply lines are
completely blocked. The Taliban also said the attacks are a direct
response to drone attacks, which, although reaching record rates in
September, have not disrupted plans for attacks in Europe, leading the
US Department of State to issue a travel warning for Americans going
to Europe.

The situation in Pakistan appears to have reached a point where a
positive feedback loop prompts continued escalation on both sides. The
US sees drone attacks as its primary weapon and has stepped up such
attacks in the belief that they will create more security for military
actions in Afghanistan and disrupt planning of terrorist attacks on
the West. Instead, the attacks appear to enrage the surviving targets,
recruit more to their ranks and lead to more attacks.

And to see a map of the supply lines and the recent attacks, go to the bottom of this link.
I will not vote for any politician if they have blood on their hands. Not now, not ever, never again.  I will always go to the polls and vote for someone, but not a politician with blood on their hands.  I will vote to respect the fact that people have gone to prison and died to give me the right to vote, even if our voting choices today are dictated by corporate money and interests.

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