Sunday, October 17, 2010

Detroit grows it's own good news story

A worthwhile read:

Detroit grows its own good news story

A community's attempt to regenerate its neighbourhood by urban farming has really borne fruit – with some help from a DJ crew.

It is all too rare that a piece of journalism makes a difference. But the exceptions – when they come – make everything worthwhile.

That is certainly the case with my experience of reporting on the amazing work of Mark Covington and the Georgia Street Community Collective as they seek to change the decaying face of Detroit through urban farming.

Covington's story is simple. Finding himself unemployed and living back in the blighted neighbourhood that he had grown up in, he decided to improve things by turning vacant lots into vegetables plots. Not only did the work improve the look of Georgia Street it also started to change local people's lives: reasserting community pride and helping people have healthier diets in a city where fresh food is unforgivably scarce.

This is a video from an English band, using this project as a back drop:
And this is a link to their wonderful garden!

Very inspiring.

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Belle said...

It's great to hear good news like this about a community.