Wednesday, October 06, 2010

More from the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

Dear friends of love,
We wish to thank you for being our friends, in particular, those of you who tried so hard to contact us on International Peace Day 21st of September, strengthening us with tears and songs in our predicament. We were deeply touched by your solidarity from as many as 20 different countries of origin.

Forgive us if you couldn’t connect for our failure to overcome ‘technology’ and know that our longing to connect will not diminish.

We are human beings yearning for love’s concrete practice above a decent piece of bread. And if this love of ours, held up by you, is perceived as 'weak' or 'naive', so be it. We know this love cannot be dismissed. It is the most resolute resistance we can harness, so please stay with our shared power as we ask together, "Why not love?"

We are working to put together a THANK YOU collection of these conversations, because we yearn for this love to grow so wide, we'll finally see the natural woods healing the thorns.

Meanwhile, we ordinary Afghans watch with foreboding as the international forces announce their mythical Operation Dragon Strike on Qandahar.
As if killing was pragmatic.
As if dragons were real.
We are not dragons or beasts. 

No man shall ram the towers of yesterday and escape the falling stones. No one shall open the floodgates of his ancestors without drowning. Kahlil Gibran

Love and peace,
Hakim and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

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